Find your people

You will be able to find out who is watching the same video, reading the same article or listening to the same song as you, chat with people who share common interest and make new friends!

  • Chat Anywhere uses web page URL to identify a chat room, so once you open a web page, you enter the corresponding chat room.

  • By default the embedded chat box is hidden and only shows itself when someone in the same chat room sends out a message. You can configure how you want it to behave by clicking on the extension icon.

Always in Touch

You can also create your own chat room and invite your friends to stay connected no matter what websites they are visiting.

  • Click on the @ button on the top of chat box and you will see a pop up that shows your current chat room's ID (usually it's current page's URL). You can edit chat room ID to go to another chat room, if the new chat room doesn't exist yet, it will be created.

  • When you open a new web page, by default you will always go to the corresponding chat room. You can toggle the lock icon to change this behavior so that you can stay in the same chat room no matter what web page you jump to.


What we do best

Clean Design

We consider carefully what element is absolutely needed for the embedded chat box and work hard to improve our design's overall effectiveness.

Highly Configurable

We make chat box's UI elastic so that you can resize it however you want and you can decide whether/how you want to see new messages from the chat room.

Zero Latency

With websocket technology we are able to make event-based communication, which is way faster than traditional HTTP long polling solution.

Emoji ready

We love emoji, even the weird ones! Besides having all the standard emoji, we also provide super cute animated stickers.

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